Mar 212011
Authors: Bill Ritter Jr.

I read your article regarding the Center for the New Energy Economy (March 21, 2011) and wanted to clarify a central point that I believe was missing from the article. 

The Center was established to work on clean energy public policy across the country without regard for partisan politics. It is privately funded by foundations that are committed to promoting clean energy, and it has the capability to influence public policy in a variety of ways at the federal, state and local levels. 

The Center was established here at Colorado State University because it integrates well with the University’s exceptional research and instruction involving energy, the environment and sustainability.

For CSU students, there may be no issue more important to them, or the planet, than whether we can convert our energy consumption to non-carbon or low-carbon fuels soon enough.

Your article poses the question of what politics are at play in the establishment of the Center. The answer is none. But by focusing on that issue, you have done a disservice to your readers by not adequately exploring the real mission and real potential for the Center. 

Bill Ritter, Jr. is the former governor of Colorado and the director for the Center for the New Energy Economy.

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