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Mar 212011
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Go up to any student on the Plaza and, sadly, most do not know they are represented by a government that oversees our microcosmic little world.

Since its inception, the Associated Students of CSU has dozens of senators who represent particular schools and colleges, allocates thousands of dollars each semester to support student organizations and works to improve the quality of life at the university.

ASCSU also oversees more than $31 million in student fees by way of the Student Fee Review Board, a council made up of student representatives who vote on increases to fees paid each semester. This board makes recommendations on increases to the CSU System Board of Governors that ultimately approves CSU’s overall budget.

Monday, SFRB voted 12-2-1 to approve a $4 student fee increase that will give $189,600 to the Office of Women’s Programs and Studies to improve interpersonal violence and sexual assault education on campus.

It is important to recognize that no one disagrees that this type education is necessary on a college campus.

Instead, the Collegian Editorial Board opposes SFRB’s approval of the increase because several members of ASCSU’s own Senate, which again is comprised of individual senators representing hundreds to thousands of students each, do not agree with it. Added to that, while ASCSU President Cooper Anderson said he would take into consideration all his senators had to say on the matter, some in Senate believe he will go over their heads and take the increase proposal straight to the BOG.

When CSU’s tuition could rise more than 25 percent in the next school year, this is not the time to stack more onto the leaning tower of bills.

And with four pairs of students now running for the two top spots in ASCSU, it’s up to you to quiz your candidates, see if they’re in favor of student fee increases –– if that’s your curiosity –– and vote for who you think will best serve CSU.

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