Letter to the Editor

Mar 102011

Let me start by saying I really enjoyed your latest opinion in the March 9 issue of the Collegian. Honestly, from talking with Anderson and Babos in interviews for Today@ColoradoState, I have seen there only interest is pushing their personal agendas.

While I welcome a sexual assault awareness program, there are honestly many better things a fee increase of $3 could go to. While they provide great statistics on sexual assault cases, I feel it might not be as big an issue at CSU. We have great law enforcement, a very reliable safe-walk system and very well informed student body.

If you ask me, in my unprofessional opinion, it seems they are trying to push a policy just so they can put it on a resume.

As far as his comments to cabinet members, I forget the saying, but it is something like “attitude reflects leadership.” Perhaps if he didn’t want them speaking out about him, he should have listened before.

I am currently taking JTC 100, and we are talking about holding our elected officials accountable. Thank you Jim for helping hold the Anderson/Babos regime accountable for their actions. I think it is opinions like yours and your staff that will continue to keep this campus informed and make sure we keep people like this out of positions of power.

Rommel McClaney is a sophomore journalism major.

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Mar 102011

Mr. Hayes is correct. Decent people should try not to use words that may offend less fortunate groups, especially those whose mental development is/was retarded. He misses completely the point of the column. The campaigners on the plaza were not asking that. They were asking for a total ban on the word. Remember the comment from the campaigner who could not tell me what the word was because he had taken the pledge.

I would also add that he fails to address the rude, insensitive and patronizing manner of the campaigner who asked me “do you know what a homonym is?”. Apparently it is fine to insult people, just not use that one word, in their hoped-for world.

The fact is that banning a word will not solve a problem. Burning books, banning words and even sending people to the Gulag never works. If the campaigners want to cause people to have respect for others then that’s what they should say.

JP Morris is a Fort Collins resident.

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