Mar 092011
Authors: Nic Turiciano

Some music makes you want to move, to dance, to fist pump, to bang your head on a wall and scream. Some music moves you to look within, to change your ways, to stay the same, to relate to others. Most music doesn’t accomplish both.

The Dodos music does. It’s a blend of American folk, African rhythms, noise and guttural sounds … and it all comes from just two people.

“No Color” is Meric Long and Logan Kroeber’s fourth album and is a return to form after 2009’s “Time to Die,” which traded momentum for melody, leaving their sound empty and rather boring.

“Black Night,” the first song off of “No Color,” charges with reverb-heavy guitar and an infectious drum beat while Long belts, “You want it all, you want a lock, you want a wall crack through it. You had it all you had it all you had it all you threw it.”

The lyrics are typical for Long, who leaves the rest of the context to the instrumentals. And that’s where The Dodos set themselves apart from most groups.

Long’s luscious guitar style and iceberg lyrics, arranged on top of Kroeber’s frenetic percussion style, match up perfectly. By saying less, Long usually says more.

New to the mix is Neko Case, who sings on about half of the tracks. Her voice is beautiful, but actually detracts from the group’s cohesion.

Further taking away from the cohesion of “No Color” is its track arrangement, which consists of only nine songs. Each is strong, but there’s no fluff to the album, no sense of pacing. But too much meat and not enough fat isn’t much of a complaint.

The album shows The Dodos at their best, causing the listener to both think hard and react quickly, making for a listen that, while brief, leaves a big impression.

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