Letter to the Editor

Mar 092011
Authors: Lauren Bowman

The Venus vs. Mars column titled “Best Ways to Piss Off Your Lover” succeeded in pissing off not only your lover, but most of the females on campus, including myself.
The Venus column stated that a girlfriend waiting for her boyfriend’s text is agonizing and can make or break her day.  

Wait, really?  If you can play a man card, I’m playing a woman card.  Girls, if you are sitting around waiting for some man to text you and that is making or breaking your day, you need to woman up.  

This is 2011, not the 1800s.  Women don’t depend on men to define their lives anymore.  
If your boyfriend’s texts determine your whole day, you need a priority check.  Woman, up and focus on your job, your school and your relationships with friends, not some meaningless text some man sent you.  

What happened to all the strong, independent women out there? Apparently, they are not writing or reading the Venus column.
Lauren Bowman is a junior political science major.

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