Mar 082011
Authors: Cameron Tafoya

On Tuesday night at the Ramskeller, students were not only celebrating Mardi Gras, but also equality.

Hosted by Fernanda Dore of the Brazilian Student Association, the Mardi Gras Fasching Carnival was a huge success, according to the three clubs that sponsored the event.

“Diversity is something important to celebrate,” said Dore, a graduate student double majoring in German and art history.

She believed that bringing cultures together and sharing traditions is what really made her night.

Le Cercle Français and Deutsch Klub also played a part in organizing the event, which commemorated Mardi Gras. The holiday goes by another name, Fat Tuesday, commemorating the last day to indulge before Lent.

The Ramskeller was decorated with green streamers and an offering of confections and confetti on every table, not to mention the masks and necklaces that were worn by most individuals.

During the beginning hours of the evening, The Band of Randoms played songs from rock to metal, filling the entire room with color.
Bob Gregg, a senior natural resource recreation and tourism major, did not expect the night to be as busy as it was.

“Usually a club will be here, but not three clubs. But I am happy at how large as it is,” said Gregg, a Ramskeller bartender, as he served beer to a group of clamoring students and community members.

Some students didn’t only come for the festivities, but also as a requirement for a class.

Steven Webb, a junior biology major came for his French class, fulfilling an assignment to attend an event pertaining to French culture.
“It’s important because it’s fun and culturally inspiring,” Webb said.

Playing pool with his jester’s hat on, Chris Howe, a graduate student and member of the Brazilian Student Association, enjoyed the festivities with an Easy Street beer and spending the night with his buddies.

“You get to see that background everyone comes from,” Howe said.

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