Just swallow it, Coop

Mar 082011
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

From day one, there was something fishy about Associated Students of CSU President Cooper Anderson and his running-mate Vice President Jennifer Babos.

Of the three tickets that ran for office, two descended the steps to the Lory Student Center basement to discuss with the Collegian Editorial Board their challenges and ambitions prior to election.

After several attempts to convince them otherwise, Cooper and Jenny denied, saying their valuable time was better spent talking with constituents. “Okay,” we said, “That’s great, but it’s well worth their time to talk with the paper that sends 10,000 copies out across campus daily.”

Since that fateful day in March, coverage of student government has become an uphill battle marked only by fleeting highlights of their good work.
What started last spring with a story about Jenny’s romantic relationship with her chief of staff has recently exploded into a continuation of coverage that yields story after story about the duo’s controversial politics.

Today’s front-page Collegian article is no exception. Situations in the ASCSU office have devolved so much so that top-level officials have come to us to expose the wrongs their leadership has committed –– the wrongs Cooper has committed.

In this particular instance, Cooper has turned his back on his staff and the students of CSU, pushing for a permanent student fee increase to go toward sexual assault prevention and education, despite overwhelming opposition. To him, the $3 more each student would pay is a small price in return for his fulfilled campaign platform.

To show his seriousness, he’s told cabinet members who disagree with his mandates to either quit or “just swallow it.”

So while some of you, dear students, are about to pay more than a 25 percent increase in tuition annually, Cooper is sitting on his throne ready to bring down his now-infamous fist of iron.

To this ridiculous fee and to Cooper, we say, ‘Just swallow it.’

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