Mar 072011
Authors: Christopher Boan

Meet Ross Cunniff
Campaign goals:
Develop 21st century thinking and a more transparent government.
Be accessible.
Foster respectable bylaws between the citizens of Fort Collins and City Council.
Focus on local business and city services.
Sat on the School Board of Education from 1999 – 2007 and served as president of the board for three years.
“I brought in diverse opinions, and while we might not have agreed on everything at least we had a respectable debate.”
Graduated from New Mexico State with a degree in mathematics and computer science in 1985.
Lived in Fort Collins for 24 years.
Favorite beer is 1554 from New Belgium.

Meet Eric Sutherland
Campaign goals:
Use renewable resources to support our future generations.
Develop justice as a community value. He said he would not defend police who throw innocent people into jail. “Mistakes were made, I won’t continue them.”
Implement resources to create economic development and look at current spending.
Develop more student housing.
Attended City Council meetings for three years; said he has been in local government his whole life.
Graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in mechanical engineering in 1986.
Lived in Fort Collins for 20 years.
Favorite beer is anything produced by Odell Brewery because they support renewable energy in Fort Collins.

Meet Karen Weitkunat
Campaign goals:
Wants to keep Fort Collins great by protecting what the city had in the past and protect it in the future.
Strengthen the economy by expanding Old Town and keep the downtown area alive.
Ensure that Fort Collins has strong leadership.
“I have a strong business background, being in education for over 30 years.”
Founding member of the North College Business Association.
Worked on committees to build Fort Collins’ downtown region.
Worked on City Council for eight years.
Graduated from University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point with a degree in English and secondary education and a minor in German in 1967.
Completed course work at UNC and CSU.
Lived in Fort Collins for 35 years.
Originally from Oconomowoc, Wisconsin.
Favorite beer is Point Special Beer from Stevens Point, Wisconsin.

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