Mar 032011
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Like the Middle East tyrants who have fallen from power in recent months, student government President Cooper Anderson can’t stand the idea of checks and balances.

But on Wednesday, the Associated Students of CSU Senate told Anderson they don’t give a damn.

In a brilliant victory for balanced representative power and for CSU’s students, the ASCSU Senate unanimously overrode Anderson’s veto of a bill that gives the Senate the power to ratify and impeach members of the Student Fee Review Board.

SFRB has oversight of more than $31 million in student fee allocations and has the power to recommend fee increases to the CSU System Board of Governors. Before the Senate passed Sen. Ben Weiner and Election Committee Chair Andrew Ives’ beauty of a bill, the vice president had sole control to appoint and remove SFRB members.

Anderson said he vetoed the bill because the Senate already has plenty of checks on SFRB by being able to pass its own fee recommendations. But that doesn’t address the fact that under the old system, the vice president could stack the board’s members to favor increasing the executives own favorite fees, and the student body’s representatives in the Senate couldn’t do anything about it.

In Anderson’s favored, old, authoritarian world, he and his cronies could run amok with little oversight, which is exactly why Vice President Jennifer Babos has appointed her brother Alex Babos to SFRB with no challenge.

As a member of SFRB, Alex Babos now has the power to help push through a highly controversial and expensive fee increase of $3 to $4 dollars that would go toward CSU’s sexual assault resources one of Anderson and Jennifer Babos’s own pet projects.

But the Senate’s lauded and enlightened decision to create proper oversight for SFRB loosens the nepotistic and despotic grip control-freak executives have on student fees.

Keep up the good work, senators. Representative democracy smells oh so sweet, doesn’t it Mr. President?

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