Mar 022011
Authors: Samantha Baker

A Larimer County teenage girl thought to have been kidnapped and beaten by her boyfriend was found Wednesday night.

Fort Collins police attempted to locate the girl after friends alerted officials of her possible abduction and assault.

The 16-year-old Laporte resident, whose name was not released, was located at home after police and SWAT team members were sent looking for her.

After finding and interviewing her about the incidents that transpired Wednesday, Fort Collins Police Services Sgt. Jon Holsten said there was no kidnapping or hostage situation, as previously suspected earlier in Wednesday afternoon.

“It was not the event it was made out to be,” Holsten said.
At 1:13 p.m. FCPS was contacted about a disturbance between the girl and her boyfriend, later identified as 18-year-old Alex Tovart. Police responded by dispatching units to a trailer home at 400 Hickory St., but the girl was not found.

Police and SWAT later arrived at 2013 W. Plum St. where they attempted to enter an apartment unit where the girl was thought to be. Officers entered the premises in conjunction with permission from property managers of the apartment complex but found the unit vacant.

After pinpointing a location based on the victim’s cell phone in south Fort Collins, officers simultaneously received word that the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office found and contacted the girl after returning to her home on the school bus.

Tovart was contacted by police and arrested on suspicion of the disturbance. He faces possible charges of third-degree assault and domestic violence for inflicting “injury or pain of some sort,” Holsten said. Exact reports detailing the assault have not been released, but the victim was not seriously injured, according to FCPS.

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