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Authors: Erin Nalli

Any red carpet event is a parade of celebrities flaunting high fashion and immaculate styling. The Oscar’s, however, may be the most prestigious and flashy of them all.

 Sunday was the 83rd Academy Award Ceremony, and, as expected, everybody who is somebody made an appearance on the red carpet dressed in some of the best ensembles of the year.

After viewing many photos of celebrities on the red carpet and reading reviews from multiple fashion critiques, it seems to be a common thought that Mila Kunis takes the win for best dressed at the 2011 Academy Awards. Made famous by her role as Jackie on “That 70’s Show,” Kunis most recently has appeared as co-star to Natalie Portman in “Black Swan.”

She wore a light lavender sheer lace dress by Elie Saab. Her hair was in a classic wavy up-do and she wore simple jewelry that pulled her whole look together. While I did not love Kunis’ dress as much as others worn on the same night, I do agree that she was among the best “all together looks.” She displayed the most timeless beauty of any celebrity on the red carpet Sunday night. For her classic style and simplicity I give Kunis the best overall dress of the 2011 Oscars.

Cate Blanchett wore my personal favorite gown of the whole evening. It was high cut, long length and embellished with pearly stones. This dress gave a look of class and maturity and is simply my favorite style I saw in all of the Oscar looks.

Blanchett looked incredibly sophisticated and poised in her feminine, light-pinkish, lavender gown by Givenchy. The cut shows strong and sharp lines in the top and an elegant and flowing skirt. While this dress was quite different from anything else on the red carpet Sunday, Blanchett flawlessly pulled the look off.

Some other notable gowns included Sandra Bullock’s long red strapless gown by Vera Wang. Bullock’s dress was sleek and simple, and there is clearly a lot of detail in the construction. The top was sewn in panels, and the waist accentuated a delicate and feminine appearance with lines and angles that are clean and straight.

I also liked Jennifer Lawrence’s dress which was quite possibly the most simple dress worn by anyone in attendance. It was a straight and tight red floor length silhouette by Calvin Klein.

 There were no embellishments or interesting cuts in construction of the dress. It was extremely simple, but Lawrence pulled it off perfectly. She looked stunning with her long softly curled blonde hair.

While the red carpet is usually a place of formal gowns, Lawrence took a simpler route and looked put together in the very flattering gown.

There seemed to be a trend with red this year on the carpet before the ceremony. Many celebrities wore red gowns of simply cut and constructed style. Many of the popular red dresses were floor length, making them all look similar.

Along with all of the favorites, there has to come a least favorite dress of the Oscar’s. My personal least favorite dress was Nicole Kidman’s, who wore Christian Dior.

The dress was white and embellished with a lot of jewels in the front. The skirt of the dress was made of two long crossing panels leaving her ankles and shins bare. The style of this gown was too choppy and too bulky, especially for Kidman. Her hair was also pulled up very tightly which put all of the emphasis on the dress, not the most figure-flattering for Kidman. Although unflattering in this dress, her silhouette was very lean and long, and I think the off white color looked nice with her skin and hair tone, it is not my favorite look for Kidman.

Watching the red carpet has always been one of my favorite parts of award ceremonies. Flanked by cameras and flashing lights it can be a place of fashion successes and fashion blunders. With all of Hollywood watching celebrities flaunt high fashion and couture and show off their personal style in the most fancy of ways.

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