LTTE: March 1 Strip Club

Mar 012011
Authors: Alisa Shaw

I can’t believe that the Collegian would have a feature that promotes animal cruelty (The Strip Club, Cat Pranks, March 1st, 2011).  

What will the Collegian’s next “humorous” suggestions be?  Snap a baby with a rubber band?  Kick your little sister’s dog?  

I’m sure the authors will respond to complaints about this article by saying it was only a joke, not to be taken seriously.  But people are sometimes cruel, in ways illustrated by the column and worse, and it should not be a source of humor.  

I will be sure to bring this issue to the attention of the Collegian’s advertisers so they can decide if they want to share page space with articles in such poor taste that they make light of cruelty.

Alisa Shaw is a biochemistry and molecular biology research assistant.

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