Mar 012011
Authors: John F. Marsella

Madams & Sirs,

I am disappointed in the content of the March 1st Strip Club sidebar. The writer’s clear disdain for, and advocacy for, causing discomfort to cats has no place in a university publication. Making light of low-level torment of animals is deplorable and paves the way for higher-level mistreatment: If putting the cat in the shower or making it “jerk backwards into walls” with a sock over its head is acceptable and “fun,” then by the same token is dropping the cat off a 2nd story balcony to see whether or not it will land on all fours not also entertaining?

The very language throughout the piece is also disturbing to some degree. To many people, cats are truly animal-friends –– using quotation marks, indicating the sidelong wink of irony is disparaging to those who gain companionship from their pets. It is clear that the “cat pranks” are not for the entertainment of the animal — “watery retribution” is not fun for cats in general. Common knowledge and experience support this.

Perhaps cats show what we anthropomorphize as “disdain,” or any host of human emotions for that matter, but they are simply behaving as cats do. Any “proud ‘owner’” who feels they must torture or cause general discomfort to their pet ought to reconsider why they have a pet in the first place.

Hopefully you will reconsider, in the future, printing pieces which run counter to the progressive voice of the Collegian, which espouses violence of any kind or which simply lack good editorial common sense.


John F. Marsella

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