Feb 272011
Authors: By Jason Berlinberg

All of this nonsensical 3-D hype is killing me.  The latest victim of its trendy hysteria is “Drive Angry,” an exploitation flick with shades of Tarantino-infused insanity.  

The film stars Nicholas Cage as John Milton, an escapee from hell come back to seek revenge on the cult leader who killed his daughter and kidnapped his granddaughter.

The total absurdity of “Drive Angry” is a mixed bag.  Its over the top content provides an entertaining thrill ride, but the ridiculous plot is weighed down by painstakingly inane exposition that takes a lot of fun away from the experience.
Worse off, the movie is only available in the superficial and overpriced form of 3-D.

“Drive Angry” claims to be shot for 3-D, but having a few pieces of debris being flung at your face does not constitute dropping an extra five bucks for a movie.

One thing is for sure. The acting doesn’t make up for that money.  With the exception of William Fichtner as the accountant chasing Milton back to hell, the cast delivers lackluster performances that are like a chore to get through.   
After getting past the wooden acting and weak 3-D, the film’s exaggerated content provides a good time and appeals to more successful projects such as “Sin City” and “Grindhouse.”  
Unfortunately for “Drive Angry”, those movies have already done the over-the-top exploitation trick better.  

“Drive Angry” is rated R for absurd action scenes containing over the top violence, blood, and nudity that are needlessly shot in 3-D.

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