Feb 272011
Authors: Justin Rampy

The Tenant Protection Agency, TPA, is a new local business that seeks to help tenants solve their rental problems.

Kyle Mauger and Candi Whatley, a CSU senior biological sciences major, put their entrepreneurial skills to the test by founding the TPA in late January. The couple of more than two years opened the TPA for business and began running ads last week.

“Our goal is to make sure no tenant gets taken advantage of,” Mauger said, “So many people get burned these days. We want to provide a service that helps protect susceptible tenants.”

Their company offers several services to assist tenants with their rental woes.
Mauger was inspired to provide this service when he moved out of his condo in Glenwood and lost more than $2,000 from his deposit. He believes the TPA will be the company to provide this invaluable service.

“After Kyle and I have both had bad experiences with landlords and rental agencies, it finally hit home that we needed to help people that are just like us,” Whatley said.

Mauger hopes the TPA will turn into “something big,” and will help Fort Collins tenants for years to come.

“There is no other service out there like ours,” he said, and he thinks people will be compelled to take advantage of it.

Move-in and move-out documentation
The goal of move documentation is to ensure transparency between renter and landlord so that the tenant receives as much of their security deposit as possible. The TPA takes pictures and records video of the rental property and carefully documents any defects to ensure the tenant doesn’t get charged for them later.

Tenant/Landlord Resolution
The TPA will step in and mediate any altercation the tenant may have with their landlord.

It will help determine who is responsible for making repairs to the rental property and solve legal problems that often arise between tenant and landlord over lease provisions. The TPA will resolve these problems for $34.99 per case, but if a client purchases move-in documentation, these services are provided for free.

In addition, the TPA is working closely with attorney Darrin Buxman of Buxman, Kwitek & Ohlsen Pc in case a client is in need of legal counsel and has the capability to take necessary issues to court.

CSU’s Student Legal Services offers legal counsel free to students, said SLS office manager Valerie McIntyre, but the on-campus office does not have move documentation services.

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