Feb 242011
Authors: Compiled by Alexandra Sieh
  • To the kid charging his power scooter in the Weber building: Sweet ride, dude.
  • Did all these peeping toms run away screaming “Giggity?”
  • A hangover is your body’s way of telling you, “You kicked ass last night.”
  • I accidentally gave the dining hall lady my fake ID instead of my CSU ID. She had more questions about Montana than the guy at the liquor store.
  • To the parking services guy trying to write me a ticket: That was an ‘87 Honda. How dare you?
  • My horoscope said a 7-point day, but my center piece of bread at Spoons today says it’s an 11-point day.
  • An unspoken battle is brewing in my house. Whoever gives in and does the dishes loses. This morning he was eating cereal off a plate with a spatula. Well played, sir. Well played.
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