Feb 242011
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Secrets don’t make friends, but friends tell you other people’s secrets.

That is what everyone learned from the juicy aftermath of WikiLeaks last year.

Getting classified information is fun, but the alleged rapes and the crumbling diplomatic relations that came in the WikiLeaks wake were not.

Now, our friends from the far off land of Australia have come up with a WikiLeaks-inspired idea that will benefit us college students and hopefully have none of that messy aftermath.

Unileaks, a new website devoted to providing “a place to post information on public interest matters relating to higher education,” has been launched by an anonymous administrator who is a former student at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.

The site currently has targeted postsecondary institutions in Australia and the United Kingdom. Soon these educational leakers hope to unveil the corruption in American higher education.

It’s great to see WikiLeaks inspiring rebellious attitudes in others who enjoy exposing the debauchery of our institutions.
Hopefully students across the country working closely with their universities will feel obligated to reveal the unjust goings on that students never know about.

We at the Collegian wholeheartedly support sticking it to the man, or in this case the “Big Brother” who is cutting the budget to our school and forcing us to learn out of cardboard boxes.

Although, it is much better to submit these scandalous tips to your student newspaper because we at the Collegian also love the rush of bringing down the man ourselves.

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