Feb 242011
Authors: Allison Knaus

Laying sideways just inches from the water, Naser Alawadh’s elbow skimmed the roaring currents at Rocky Mountain National Park to capture a photo now being displayed in the Lory Student Center. It may have been uncomfortable, but it was worth it.

“At the Surface” is just one of 20 of Alawadh’s photos part of the new student display in the LSC.

Three years ago, Naser Alawadh was living with his family of seven in Kuwait City, Kuwait. Today, Alawadh is a CSU student studying nutrition who has gained a love for photography and a new perspective.

Located on the first floor of the LSC are photos taken by Alawadh, capturing nature and landscape all the way from Kuwait City to Colorado.

“Moving to the U.S. gave me the opportunity to start over, it’s a whole new life,” Alawadh said. “I wanted to show my love for photography and show people what I see in nature and how I see it.”

Going from Los Angeles to Fort Collins gave him a new appreciation for nature. He said Los Angeles was too much of a city.

“I need to be somewhere with peace and nature. It keeps me sane,” Alawadh said.

Doug Sink, coordinator for the LSC, said how CSU students can request to have their artwork displayed. Beginning with a review process, Sink evaluates students’ works and tries to choose displays with diversity. Once selected, artwork runs for five weeks.

In the past, the LSC featured a student art lounge where multiple displays showed off talented Rams. Later replaced with student organization offices, Sink said he wanted to make it his priority to showcase more student art.

“Its been an endeavor of mine to try to bring that back,” Sink said.

And the new display hasn’t gone unnoticed by students on campus.

Freshman biology major Amanda Louis thought the vibrant colors made for an eye-catching reaction.

“I’ve never noticed artwork there before, but the strong colors made it hard to miss,” Louis said.

Another perk that comes with Alawadh’s recent success: He’s already received offers from people interested in purchasing photos.

Featured with Alawadh’s work is a notepad for viewer comments and critiques.

Alawadh found the responses to his work to be encouraging and positive.

“I had no idea my photos would be so popular,” Alawadh said.

“It makes my day to read all of the comments. It’s really encouraging and makes it all worth it.”

If you’re interested in having your artwork displayed in the LSC contact Sink at doug.sink@colostate.edu.

Staff writer Allison Knaus can be reached at news@collegian.com.

On the display

  • Exhibits change every five weeks
  • All pieces are student’s work
  • To get your artwork displayed, contact Doug Sink for information at doug.sink@colostate.edu to get started with the review process
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