Playing politics with debt

Feb 232011
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

As long as political parties have beliefs, budgets will never be cut.

A square and fair slice from the top is the only way to rationally cut the budget without political games and partisanship interfering in the reduction of funding to entities.

Unfortunately, the trend is that state budgets are broke. Our biggest and gravest budget concerns that need to be addressed immediately are being politicized, and, as we are all aware, those issues become gridlocked.

The state politics and tactics to cut budgets transcend national politics, which are in a stubborn legislative climate as well. This political climate –– where compromise is a rarity –– is detrimental to our national desire to reduce debt.

The Wisconsin protests, the absence of Democrats and the desire to weaken unions has become a high-stakes political debate. The logical question can be raised as to whether the Wisconsin budget cuts are simply about saving money or about Republican fundamental beliefs and a desire to weaken unions.

Everything about the budget has become a political debate when, for the most part, there is a consensus across the whole political spectrum that we need to tighten the budget.

Even theory of and how we got into the debt crisis and who got us there has become a political debate.

The ultimate reality is that as long as representatives are concerned about their constituents, the fight for those votes will rage on –– and we all know voters hate to see funds subtracted or allocated somewhere else.

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