Letter to the Editor

Feb 232011
Authors: Steve Rondeau

Just like me, every day, thousands of Coloradans choose natural medicine rather than traditional medicine.  We have illnesses we need to talk to a doctor about and discuss our options for treatment beyond being prescribed a pill.

But as healthcare consumers, we have no way of knowing if the practitioner of natural healthcare is a real naturopathic doctor that has attended a full, four-year naturopathic medical school and passed all the ND boards and exams. And the state has no way of holding naturopathic doctors accountable for not meeting ND professional standards or harming patients. 

That’s why I’m supporting HB 1173, which would regulate and license naturopathic doctors in Colorado.

HB 1173 affects ONLY qualified Naturopathic Doctors and NO other health care practitioners will be affected by it. It will not prevent anyone from practicing natural medicine.

We are a bit of an outlaw –– Washington, Oregon, California, Montana, Utah, Arizona, Idaho and Kansas all regulate naturopathic doctors.

HB 1173 establishes professional standards to meet requirements mandated by the U.S. Department of Education, which accredits four-year naturopathic medical schools, holding them to professional standards similar to those of chiropractic and conventional medical schools.

Furthermore, HB 1173 protects citizens by preventing people who do not meet the professional standards and testing requirements outlined in the bill from calling themselves naturopathic doctors.  

HB 1173 would be good for Colorado health care consumers and good for naturopathic doctors.  I urge you to support it.

Steve Rondeau is a Fort Collins resident.

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