Feb 232011
Authors: Ian Hopkins

After playing “Bulletstorm” for a few hours, I needed a shower.

This game is so gory, I felt a little dirty. On top of that, I had an urge to open a few beers while I played because the main character, Grayson Hunt, is a drunk ex-solider that can find booze throughout the game and get drunk.

It just seems right to join in on Hunt’s fun. Don’t be mistaken, this game is not for any child.

With blood cascading out of every bad guy, Epic Games creates a first-person shooter version of their popular third-person shooter franchise, “Gears of War.”

 The only real differences between “Gears” and “Bulletstorm” is how fast the game plays. This difference comes from the fact that the game is in the first-person, and the soldiers in your squad aren’t jacked up on about five thousand times too many anabolic steroids. Other than that, it feels like an arcadier version of “Gears.”

 There aren’t too many multiplayer features for “Bulletstorm,” but it reaches back to the old-school single-player games where the only point is to earn as many points as possible. The other game mode is a four person bad-guy gore-fest similar to the “Horde” game in “Gears of War” and “Zombies” in “Call of Duty” fighting wave after wave of enemies.

These two game modes will keep the game pretty entertaining for a while, but the single player game doesn’t seem to have too much replay value to it unfortunately.

I didn’t enjoy the view control swaps “Bulletstorm” has compared to basically every other first-person shooter on the market because I couldn’t stop crouching when I’d try to do something simple like run.

Other than that big, irritating mistake, I had fun running around and using all of the intense, thrilling ways to kill enemies. My favorite is using the leash to pull a foe close to me, kicking him away and then shooting him in the head for a glorious, sprawling bad guy with blood flying out of where his head used to be.

Blood-showers aside, “Bulletstorm” is very striking to look at. I was amazed at how good the game looked. Even with all of the explosions, bullets and bodies flying everywhere, I never saw the game have problems rendering all of the action once.

Even when I was kicking bad guys into electrified buildings and watching them be fried like chickens, “Bulletstorm” played like a movie. 

The sound effects and music for the game are up to par with all of the videogames out on the market right now. The voice actors were exceptionally good though; it is an all-star cast talking in this game.  

One last note, the script is very immature and funny, but I love it. I said this game is too much for children to handle, and don’t let them hear it either; “Bulletstorm” is the filthiest game I’ve ever heard. I can’t think of one line that is publishable –– that’s how bad it is.

Video game reviewer Ian Hopkins can be reached at verve@collegian.com.

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