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Authors: Anna Baldwin and Eugene Daniels

By Anna Baldwin

The word “settle” has different meanings. One of these is, “to put yourself or someone else in a comfortable position.” Another is to, “adopt a steady or more secure way of life.”

Having said this, I do believe this unbelievable feat is possible, as long as it is done, like the definition says, in a comfortable and natural way.

Thus, I hereby propose the idea that the conditions have to be absolutely perfect for this type of situation to work.
And these conditions are only right when the woman that a man is settling down with is right for him. It all depends on the woman in the relationship.

For example, guys have to feel like they have found the coolest “chick” to even think about halting any promiscuity. All it takes for him is to feel like he has someone and something special in his life.

But there’s other qualities in a woman that also make it so a particular guy will want to stop seeing dozens of girls and live with her ‘til death do they part, amen.

A man wants to be with a woman who makes him laugh until tears are falling from the ducts of his eyes, as well as someone who wants to do exciting, new things with him. On the other hand, he also wants to be able to do nothing with her too, and still be content.

The day he realizes that he’s totally fine being with her while she’s reading a book, and he’s surfing the Web, is the day he knows she’s it.

Another thing that helps him see it’s not all about random dating and one-night stands, is when he knows he can respect the woman he’s with in a very single way.

Moral of the story? All women have the capability to change a man as long as it’s a good relationship and she is the right person for the job.

By Eugene Daniels
Since as long as I can remember, I’ve heard the question “Can a leopard change its spots?” The answer is … hell no! Once you get the spots, you have them for life. Translating this to the human species –– once a cheater, always a damn cheater.
You may or not believe me, but it’s true. Male or female –– it is in your system and won’t be going anywhere. And it’s because cheating is not about the person you cheated on, the problem is and will always be the cheater.

We all know girls or guys who have low self-esteem, and they do things that don’t make sense to us normal people wouldn’t do. And we all know those cheaters who say they do it because they want to feel loved or they have low self-esteem.

But the root of cheating is having way too damn much self-esteem. Entirely too much.

A cheater will always be a cheater because they can’t be monogamous. After a while, it stops being a choice but instead, a way of life. It’s like breathing or what watching the “Jersey Shore” does for college students (which is just as dangerous as being a cheater, obviously).

And another thing that’s important to remember: If they will cheat WITH you, they will cheat ON you. Whether it’s a male or female, the cheating is in their system more than dumbass is coursing in Paris Hilton’s veins.

And don’t be the idiot who thinks that you can change someone, because you can’t. Is your name Jesus? No it’s not, so let it go.

If you are in a relationship right now and you’re caught wondering whether or not you’re the only person being faithful, your significant other is probably cheating. And they aren’t going to stop. Just ask Tiger Woods.

Cheating is like opening a beer, once you start you can’t stop. (Or you could stop drinking the beer, but it’s a waste of money).

Anna Baldwin is a senior journalism major, and Eugene Daniels is a junior journalism major. Mars vs. Venus appears Tuesdays in the Collegian. Letters and feedback can be sent to letters@collegian.com.

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