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Authors: Eric Berlinberg

Most of us exist as students on this campus for sometime between four and six years of our lives, which for the grand scheme of a traditional student, equates to nearly 20 percent of everything we have ever known.

Spending so much time here makes you ask yourself, why not make the most of it?

Each of us made the choice to spend a good portion of our lives here, and the time you spend on campus is something that should be spent wisely. Why would you want to do nothing but go to class and go home everyday? That does not sound like the ideal “college experience.”

 CSU is unique among institutions of our size in that we have an exorbitant amount of Student Organizations on campus. From the varying Greek organizations and club sports teams to the Homeless Awareness Team and Snowriders, it’s easy to get involved in one of over 380 student organizations at CSU. There is bound to be something that interests you, ultimately helping you make relationships with individuals that have similar likes and interests such as yourself. 

One way to get involved on campus is to advocate for your fellow students in decision-making processes.

This coming Monday, Feb. 28, ASCSU is hosting its annual Colorado State University Student Advocacy Day at the State Capitol. This annual event provides CSU students with the opportunity to meet with their State Legislators and the Lt. Governor. Students will also be able to hear about the State budget process, observe House and Senate proceedings, and discuss current issues with Colorado lawmakers. 

This event is extremely important this year in particular because of the current budget situation with CSU and the State of Colorado higher education funding dwindling quickly.

Students, as the ultimate bearers of the inevitable tuition increases, deserve to have their voices heard at the Statehouse, express their financial concerns to our lawmakers, and participate in healthy debate regarding the proposed budget cuts.

 The quieter we are about the proposed decrease in state of Colorado appropriations, the more apathetic we look.
We, as the current students of a State University in Colorado, need to take a stance against the perpetual decreases in state spending on higher education, and show our lawmakers that they are essentially throwing Colorado off the map for supplying a well-educated and competitive work force to our country. What may seem like a positive, easy budgeting choice now will ultimately come back to bite us in the future. As a businessman, I recognize the reality of budgeting, I default back to the fact that students need to take a stance with our lawmakers that we essentially voted in to office, hold them accountable, and ask them to represent us effectively.

 This is where you all come in, CSU. You need to get involved, get educated, and communicate with your peers about the current situation. You can’t just sit back and let it all happen, write a blank check to Colorado State University and go on with your life. It is extremely important you get involved in what is going on, as it affects you significantly.
 So whether you are actively involved during your time on campus in a student organization, cultural center, club sport, or in advocacy-related efforts, being involved on campus truly is a big part of the collegiate experience that should not be overlooked or taken for granted.

Involvement equals friends, which equals a good time. It is as simple as that. So get involved, check out the SLiCE website, surf through RamLink and find a student organization, read the Collegian, and attend some events throughout your time here.
Please attend many events! I have always thought about taking a victory lap my senior year and doing nothing but attend events all year long. Don’t regret not getting involved, because that will be way worse than trying out a few things at least once. 

If you are interested in attending the Spring 2011 CSU Advocacy Day at the State Capitol, check out the ASCSU website and click on the first link under “ASCSU news and events” to register. It’s free, and educational.

Eric Berlinberg is the deputy chief of staff for ASCSU. His column appears periodically in the Collegian on Tuesdays. Letters and feedback can be sent to news@collegian.com.

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