Feb 202011
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Fort Collins is in dire need of more student housing, however, the Grove is neither a proper nor responsible way to alleviate this problem.

According to data collected by the university, CSU enrollment has increased by fewer than 6,000 students in the past nine years, while the amount of university housing provided has increased by only 850 available beds.

This means that more students are entering the community and searching for housing than ever before, despite a
housing market that hasn’t grown to meet this demand.

Therefore, the Grove, a large 224-dwelling apartment complex right next to campus, seems like both a logical and welcome solution to this housing problem.

ASCSU has already jumped on board with the project, and its development company –– Campus Crest –– has already begun accepting applications from students for August 2011, despite the fact that the project hasn’t even broken ground.

It almost seems too good to be true, and to be frank, it absolutely is.

Campus Crest is a nationwide developer, and its developments across the country are plagued with complaints ranging from slow maintenance, thin walls and unfair utility bills.

Students at the location in Greeley even had to stay in a hotel for 10 days while they were waiting for development to be complete and were unable to move in despite having signed binding leases.

Student housing is tremendously important. But student housing that takes advantage of and abuses students is far from beneficial and isn’t something that the CSU community needs.

This is why it’s important to take a step back and think about what a development like this can bring the community and whether or not it can bring more harm than good.

And in this case, the verdict is definitely leaning toward harm.

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