Feb 202011
Authors: Jason Berlinberg

Poor Liam Neeson. His post “Schindler’s List” career was critically doomed before it even started. Although you may be thinking that is not a very kind assertion to make, it is definitely a valid one.

It would be nearly impossible for Neeson to top that breakthrough performance, one that netted him a Best Actor

Nomination and was part of the reason why “Schindler’s List” was 1993’s Best Picture winner.

It doesn’t help that since then he’s been choosing some severely uninspired projects in which to supply his acting talents.

This time around, he stars in “Unknown,” an ordinary spy thriller with unreachable dreams of grandeur.
Neeson plays Dr. Martin Harris, a man visiting Berlin to give a presentation at a biotechnology summit. But a car accident leaves him in a coma and oddly enough, everyone he used to know forgets who he is. He even comes across a man with his wife, claiming to be Dr. Martin Harris.

“Unknown” follows the stale pattern of movies that deal with identity crises, where “Salt” and “The Tourist” both flopped only a few months ago.

This movie falls victim to a common problem of this genre: Its pacing is way off. It’s understandable, you can’t let the audience in on the trick too early or else they won’t feel intrigued to see what happens next.

But “Unknown” runs nearly an hour and a half long before the story really progresses.

If it weren’t for Neeson’s bravado, I would’ve had a difficult time mustering through 90 minutes of that awful slog of a script.

**If you are looking for intense action scenes, look elsewhere. This is a talker more than a fighter.

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