Feb 192011
Authors: Jaime Pritchard, College Avenue Magazine

Flaunting an array of different artworks including mosaics, watercolors, statues, photographs and paintings, the Curfman Gallery offers a unique aesthetic to be appreciated and admired.

Located at the south end of the Lory Student Center, the Curfman Gallery showcases art by students and locals, as well as nationally and internationally recognized artists.

“Because (the gallery) is in the student center, more people have the opportunity to come in and see it,” said Kacy Underwood, a sophomore art major. “It gets a lot of publicity.”

When Ryan Beam needs a break from classes and schoolwork, he heads to Curfman.

“When I have 10 to 15 minutes and don’t feel like studying, it is a great place to go and look at some art,” said Beam, a senior natural resource management major.

The gallery was named in honor of John H. “Jack” Curfman, a former CSU graphic design professor, on Dec. 5, 1985. Curfman was a prominent environmental designer within CSU and the Fort Collins community.

Curfman designed exhibits for the Hatton Gallery, located inside the Visual Arts Building and stage sets for the Lincoln Center. He also designed for local schools, gardens, playgrounds and museums.

Gallery managers continue Curfman’s legacy by bringing in a variety of exhibitions that students can analyze and enjoy.

“The exhibits expose me to artists that I have not seen and expands my horizons,” said Shannon Ludington, a senior art major.

The current exhibition on display at the Curfman features work by Doug Russell, a contemporary artist.

According to Russell’s artist statement, his drawings explore the “tensions between transparency and opacity, rootedness and mobility, freedom and entanglement, surface and depth and legibility and erosion of form.”

Underwood viewed the exhibition and attended the lecture Russell gave about his work on Jan. 20.

“I liked hearing him talk about his work,” Underwood said. “Just using graphite and charcoal, he was very imaginative.”

Beam also attended the exhibition and found Russell’s images to be both creepy and interesting.

“His organic images were surrealistic and exaggerated to make the viewer feel uncomfortable, but in a good way,” Beam said.

Russell’s work will be on display through Feb. 27, followed by the annual “Art and Science Exhibition,” an undergraduate show that features science-inspired works of art and art-inspired scientific explorations.

The Curfman Gallery is currently accepting submissions for the exhibition, which will open March 11.

Interested students can contact Doug Sink, the Curfman Gallery director, for more information.

Next time you have 30 minutes to spare, grab a cup of coffee and go to Curfman. You will be pleasantly surprised by the quality of art that’s right under your nose.

Jaime Pritchard is a staff writer for College Avenue magazine and can be reached at csumag@lamar.colostate.edu.

Curfman Gallery

South end of the Lory Student Center

Monday-Thursday: 9 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.
Saturday: Noon to 4 p.m.
Closed: Sunday

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