Feb 192011
Authors: Laura Esposito, College Avenue Magazine

It’s called the Juicy Fruit, and it’s the “secret stash” of two the Fort Collins Cheba Hut locations. Picture this: sliced turkey, juicy pineapple, chipotle mayo and provolone cheese melted over bacon and avocado.

Hungry yet?

With more than 29 different combinations, plus a treasuretrove of unique sandwiches that vary between the two huts, there is something for everyone.

With every element of the restaurant themed around cannabis, one Cheba Hut found its niche one block from the CSU campus on the corner of College Avenue and Laurel Street.

Craig Hulse, the general manager, is proud that the distinctly individual shop finally got recognized for its smokin’ subs.

“I love that we got chosen,” Hulse said. “Obviously we’re doing something right for students.”

The Hut on Laurel Street opened in 2003 and has branched out into the community ever since, opening a second location known as the “Westside” on Taft Hill Road and Elizabeth Street in 2007.

“We’re really trying to do more, especially with our live music nights on Thursday and Friday,” said Dan Littler, a senior communications major at CSU who works at Cheba.

Hulse said they try to keep their music nights in sync with the feel of Fort Collins, bringing in local reggae, classic rock and blue grass bands.

“We like to relax and have a good time,” Hulse said. “If you have some free time you can sit down, hang out, listen to music, and we have Wi-Fi. It’s just really low-key and awesome.”

However, Littler said that even though they attract a laid-back crowd, they still make sure to produce quality subs in a hurry.

“We may seem relaxed but this is not a lazy place,” Littler said. “We still throw down pretty hard to make sure you get your sub in less than five minutes.”

Chloe Andrews, a senior health and exercise science major, said that no matter who she’s with, be it her father or her friends, she feels like she can sit down and enjoy some good food.

“I’ve been down there to hang out a few times and they definitely make a good effort to appeal to everyone,” Andrews said. “It’s always comfortable. I like that they use the campus demographic to shape their menu and appeal to college students.”

Staff writer Laura Esposito can be reached at csumag@lamar.colostate.edu.

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