Feb 172011
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

It’s Facebook official.

People in civil unions and domestic partnerships have joined the ranks of the single and married folk in their relationship declarations on the social media site.

But thanks to Sen. Pat Steadman and his bill, this could be more than just a status update for same-sex couples in Colorado.

Introduced on Monday, the legislation would, if passed, allow same-sex couples to apply for civil unions, providing them legal protections like access to medical care information and health care coverage and inheritance without a will.

A good step in the right direction, we say.

Since its ban on same-sex marriage in 2006, Colorado has since made great strides in gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender rights, including its addition of sexual orientation and transgender status to the state’s anti-discrimination law.

So will it join the ranks of the other six states that allow same-sex civil unions?

Wednesday, Hawaii made the choice to. Declared the end of an “emotional process” by the governor, it has couples across the state cheering for the advance of equality on the islands.

So now it’s up to Colorado’s legislature to decide whether it will give that same right to Colorado’s couples.

Sunday, Freedom to Marry Day will return to Old Town, bringing the city’s GLBT community and allies together as a show of support for one of the messages.

A group of people looking for rights as simple as marriage and equality, this day highlights the reality of one of the day’s message: It’s about love, pure and simple.

So head to Old Town Square on Sunday, and join in the discussion. It’s one we’re all waiting to see the result of.

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