Bill made mockery of ASCSU

Feb 162011

Sens. Ben Weiner and Jack Harries: Thanks for wasting your colleagues’ time.

It’s been amateur hour at the Associated Students of CSU Senate for the last two meetings thanks to two senators, who introduced a bill last Wednesday that would officially allow ASCSU to get paid to play video games on its giant, in-office television.

The idea, Weiner said, is that students walking by the office just wouldn’t be able to contain their giddiness at the prospect of playing “Super Smash Bros.” on the Nintendo 64 with some student government representatives.


The idea, while maybe noble in concept, seems like more of an excuse to turn the student government office into Weiner or Harries’ basement than a legitimate idea to actually engage passerby.

The really sad part though is that the Senate had to spend two weeks talking about the absurd bill instead of just laughing Weiner and Harries out of the chamber. Thankfully, after a couple hours of debate and zero laughter, the Senate finally killed the resolution last night 16-2 (you can guess who the two in favor were), with five abstentions.

Don’t misunderstand: everyone loves “Super Smash Bros.” But doesn’t ASCSU have more important issues to debate and fight for?

In years past, ASCSU has led the charge for student rights. The body has worked to abolish the city’s discriminatory 3-unrelated housing ordinance, battled for a critical student vote on the CSU System Board of Governors and won the fight to pass a progressive textbook industry transparency law.

If Weiner and Harries want to go down in ASCSU lore as great student advocates, maybe they should spend more time advocating for students and less time swooning over pixilated Picachus.

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