Feb 162011
Authors: Matthew De Miranda

Stun guns? Pepper spray? Collapsible batons? Self-defense classes? Key ring spikes? Firearms? Acme flame-throwers?

While your “suggestions” had some sort of intention to inform, your article titled “Protect yourself at any capacity” was absolutely saturated with victim-blaming and an overall disrespect for all survivors of sexual assault.

You want to talk about “continuing the cycle of violence?” Calling women “stupid” for walking alone at night completely misses the point and is downright, plain and simple, continuing the cycle of a poisonous rape culture that plagues our society.

Your “suggestions” are fueling an atmosphere where a sexual assault is considered the victim’s fault and not the perpetrator’s. As a college-aged male at CSU, I can say with all certainty in me, that the solution at hand for preventing sexual assault doesn’t lie in women spending copious amounts of time, money and calories for prevention, but for MEN realizing that we are at the nucleus of the problem.

As a society and college collective, we need to be spending the time, money and calories in educating men about the realities of sexual assault and rape. The statistics on the amount of male perpetrators are not difficult to find (Google them if you desire), so I won’t bore with number dropping, but let me just say that they are alarming, especially for college campuses.

Statistics and concealed weapons aside, I believe that the proverbial “elephant in the room” that we continue to NOT discuss, is the fact that it is imperative for men to begin dialogue about male privilege and how to prevent sexual assault from our privileged point of view. When we, as men, can come through the front door and admit that this is our problem to discuss and educate each other for, we can pass that dialogue along to other men and finally reach a union of accountability AND responsibility for all of our actions. Until then, women, put down your Acme flame-throwers. Men, let’s start talking.

Matthew De Miranda is a senior biochemistry and molecular biology major.

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