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Feb 162011
Authors: Collegian Staff Report

CSU professor examines artisan employment in the third world

Mary Littrell, a professor and head of the Department of Design and Merchandising at CSU, recently released a book examining how artisan work in third world countries raises the overall income of those involved.

Littrell worked with Marsha Dickson, a professor at the University of Delaware. The book, titled “Artisans and Fair Trade: Crafting Development,” tells the story of a group of textile workers in India who are employed by a company emphasizing fair trade goods.

These workers, who were otherwise slum dwellers, were shown to have better standards of living.

“Fair trade businesses engage in paying a fair wage, providing healthy and safe working conditions, providing environmental sustainability and offering business sustainability,” Littrell said in a press release.

The book was launched in India at a celebration on Jan. 13 with 150 of the artisans who were involved in the study.

Pet sales ban will not make FoCo ballot

Despite a great deal of canvassing on the plaza last month, a proposed ban on the sale of animals in Fort Collins area pet stores will not make the ballot this year.

The drive ultimately fell short of the 2,517 signatures needed for it to make the ballot, with organizers saying that it ultimately garnered only 900 signatures.

The intention of the ordinance was to discourage “puppy mills” and “kitten factories” from having a continued presence in the market.

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