Feb 152011
Authors: K. Tamminga

On Friday, Feb. 11, at abound 2 a.m., my sister and her friends were attacked while in Old Town.

They were at Meldrum and Olive when two Caucasian men approached them. My sister saw one of the men hit her friend and ran to help her. As my sister approached, one attacker turned toward her and hit her in the face.

She has little recollection as to what happened after she was hit. What is known is that she came to in a pool of blood, received a broken nose, stitches, a severely bruised face and spent the night in the emergency room. Her female friend received stitches in her lip.

My sister is all of 115 pounds and stands 5-foot-5-inches tall. She said nothing to warrant this. They had no previous interaction with these two men. There are two men in this community who think it is acceptable to attack women. This is unacceptable and despicable.

My sister loves Fort Collins, and I want her to feel safe in her final months as a student at CSU.

The two attackers ran off, but we know that one was wearing a black hat with yellow writing that had something to do with marijuana. If you know anyone who was out that night wearing a hat of this description, please contact the Fort Collins Police Services immediately. Please help us find the men who attacked two innocent women. Help us keep Fort Collins safe.

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