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Feb 142011
Authors: Collegian Staff Report

CSU Professor receives grant to study heart disease

The American Heart Association awarded CSU engineering professor Lakshmi Prasad Dasi a $308,000 four-year grant to test the severity of heart valve diseases for patients who have multiple heart valve disease, according to a university press release.
The researchers will test the severity for multiple valve disease based on the full performance of the cardiac ventricle and valves together, the release said.
Dasi came to CSU in 2009 as an assistant professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and specializes in cardiovascular fluid mechanics.

Journalism Department incorporates new technology

Every student in a required multimedia and technology course in the CSU journalism Department received a high-definition camcorder, microphone and memory card in an effort the department is making to incorporate new technologies.
Course fees cover the equipment, and the camera allows the students to work at home and in class. A competitive grant has allowed the university to help incorporate the new technology skills that are often required in the professional field and redesign the journalism classes, according to a university press release.
“With the rise of Facebook and Twitter, increased interactivity in news websites and the use of blogs, it’s clear that tomorrow’s journalists still need to be fluent in narrative writing and critical thinking skills,” said Rosa Martey, one of the two professors involved in the redesign. “We believe they also must be fluent in the development of hardware, software and the Web, including strategies necessary to stay current with technology.”

— Collegian Staff Report

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