Feb 132011
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Valentine’s Day is here again. For some, it’s a day to celebrate and make their loved ones buy expensive gifts to prove their love. For others –– Entertainment Editor Matt Miller –– it’s spent at the bars celebrating birthdays.

While Hallmark benefits from the holiday, most come away with horror stories of dates gone awry and the most awkward day of the year –– minus when you actually have to meet your significant other’s parents.

The holiday has changed over the years from when college students were wee, little children handing out the paper valentines to classmates that our mothers undoubtedly made. Now it’s a holiday filled with expectations, cliché-ridden cards and gaudy stuffed-animals from Build-A-Bear.

V-Day is often spent with couples going to over-priced restaurants like the Melting Pot, buying necklaces from Kay because of their catchy, yet obnoxious commercials and declaring their love for one another.

What happened to a holiday full of candy and celebrating love instead of doing schoolwork?

Oh, yeah. “Love” happened. So riddle us this: Why are significant others so excited about the one holiday when their lover has to be affectionate?

If it takes a day professed to love to express it, maybe they should consider getting a new lover.

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