Letter to the Editor

Feb 102011

I wanted to comment on Phoenix Mourning-Star’s article “Let’s take student gov. to another level” and how he advises future Associated Students of CSU presidential and vice presidential candidates to cheat.

The ASCSU elections are governed by three essential documents: the ASCSU Constitution, the ASCSU Referenda and Election’s Code and the ASCSU Code of Ethics.

These rules are changed and approved by the student body and their elected representatives and are a product of the democratic process.

These rules must be followed in order to secure for the students a fair and equitable election. For example, presidential tickets must stay under a $2000 spending limit. This rule is in place so no campaign can win an election solely through greater access to financial resources.

Election rules also prohibit campaigning in the Morgan Library. ASCSU understands the library is used for academic purposes, and the rules are enforced so students will not be pestered by ardent campaign supporters while studying.

These are only a few examples of the numerous rules that are designed to level the playing field and make sure that elections do not negatively impact student life.

The rules do not limit the creativity of campaigns. Rather, the rules set a minimum standard of conduct for campaigns to prevent abuses, leaving open endless possibilities for creative and engaging campaign tactics.

If it seems that elections are stuck in a rut of the same appeals and strategies year after year, the answer is not to categorically reject the rules, but to make your dissatisfaction with campaigns’ activities known to the campaigns.

I encourage candidates to think outside of the box during election season, but not by rejecting the rules that protect the fairness of the process.

Andrew Ives
ASCSU Elections Manager

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