Feb 092011
Authors: Bonnie Cleveland

Warm soup to counter cold weather? Check. Fresh salad to revive the day? Check. Soft delicious bread? Check. A dessert item of your choice? Check.

For CSU students, the cozy, relaxing atmosphere at Spoons coupled with a tasteful food selection proves one thing: Spoons has mastered the soup and salad scene.

“The only downside is the long lines,” said Brittny Kolod, a senior business administration major who eats at the Spoons in Allison Hall even though she lives off-campus.

However, Kolod feels that the wait in line is worth the food. Spoons is her favorite place to eat on campus.

But many CSU students ask, who wants to wait in line? There are not enough hours in the day as it is. Depending on the time of day, the line for Spoons can span from two to 30 minutes.

Spoons’ goal is “to do one thing and do it right. We serve soup and salad … and we do it well,” according to the company website.

Customers would agree.

“Spoons is one of the best places to eat on-campus,” said senior business major Kelsey Herrmann. She added that she enjoys the casual atmosphere of Spoons.
This begs the question: when is the best time to head to Spoons?

The Spoons in Allison Hall and the Lory Student Center are busiest right after classes get out. Avoiding the post class rush is always a good idea.

Housing and Dining Services spokesperson Tonie Miyamoto is aware of these obnoxiously long lines.

“Lines are better in the middle of the hour, before class gets out and after the rush is over,” Miyamoto said.

More specifically, Kolod described the best time to come as a quarter after the hour to a quarter before the hour. This half hour period guarantees a shorter line she said.

Although the line for Spoons can be long and frustrating, the staff does its best to make the line move quickly.

“The staff is really friendly and remembers you if you come often,” Kolod said.

The staff does its work effectively and cheerfully. Their good attitudes and friendliness make the line seem not as long, according to CSU students.

The Spoons menu in Allison Hall has been condensed for the purpose of making the line move faster. It is designed for reading ease and speed.

This local restaurant offers excellent food choices in a relaxing atmosphere, cultivating customer satisfaction.

If only there were a way to completely avoid the line.

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