Feb 092011
Authors: Compiled by Alexandra Sieh
  • To the guy in the third floor bathroom at Morgan Library last night: What you did in there was unacceptable.
  • I just realized that homework is my boyfriend. It gives me headaches, it’s always with me and most times I am on top of it.
  • I just saw a guy in a Jack Daniels Nascar jacket and a Spongebob backpack. I am no longer the most gangster kid at CSU.
  • To the guy in my chorus class: A “music-gasm” is not a real phenomenon.
  • Manic Monday. Twisted Tuesday. Wasted Wednesday. Thirsty Thursday. Freaky Friday. Slizzered Saturday. Screwed up Sunday. Hello AA.
  • Men wear ties instead of bow ties because they point in the direction they want women to go.
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