ASAP’s ongoing battle

Feb 092011

If we can learn one valuable life lesson from the Association for Student Activity Programming it is this: Neither dictatorships nor democracy work.

ASAP, the organization charged with the constant uphill battle to choose and deliver fun events to a student body of about 25,000, can’t seem to find the perfect formula.

Through a series of successes and failures, they have proven that when they choose acts for us, it doesn’t work. And when they let us choose, it also doesn’t work.

But on the other side of the coin, when they choose acts for us it works, and when they let us choose it works.

Seem confusing?

Welcome to the conundrum that challenges ASAP. There is no mathematical equation that, when put into a supercomputer, spits out a reasonably priced artist whom every Ram will enjoy.

Wednesday night, “American Idol” contestant Josh Gracin performed at the Lory Student Center, selling about 800 of the 1,200 available tickets.

While this might not seem like a total success, ASAP’s heart is in the right place. In the wake of last November’s sold-out Ludacris concert, ASAP is making great strides to appease both the majority of music fans and the minority.

So far this semester ASAP has given us an act that rap fans will love –– in the form of Ludacris –– and an act that country fans will go crazy for.

It’s a brave move for them to bring in a country singer, even though they admit country generally performs poorly in the RamWeb polls of students’ favorite genres.

They should get a pat on the back though for spending only $12,700 (compared to the $45,00 on Ludacris) on Gracin, who drew a smaller yet dedicated crowd.

So the next time you want to bash ASAP for not bringing in your favorite act, look at the bigger picture.

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