Feb 082011
Authors: Jordyn Dahl

With social media appearing to take over the online world, it only makes sense that college students would get in on the online dating world.
To see how successful online dating is, the Collegian created a profile on eHarmony.com and Match.com to see what the experience was like. The profile was based on an employee looking for someone between the ages of 20 and 28.

eHarmony, which boasts on their commercials to build long-lasting relationships, was a dud. The profile was up for a week and there were no hits on the site.

Match.com proved to be another story. In just 24 hours, there were more than 80 hits on the site, including three who “favorited” the profile, an application that allows the user to save a person’s profile they liked rather than searching for it continuously.

However, to respond or see e-mails, “favorite” someone or use other applications, users must subscribe to the site, typically paying approximately $20 a month.

Michael Hammock, a CSU student whose sister met her husband on Match signed him up for the site. Though he has only been on the site for less than a week, Hammock shared the Collegian’s experience.

“For people who don’t like the bars, it’s great,” the junior sociology major said.

People who don’t like to meet people at the bars in what Hammock describes as a “hook-up situation,” would like the dating site. He has a month subscription, paid by his sister, but has not decided whether or not he will continue to the use the site once the subscription expires.

While there are many dating sites out there, the mainstream ones seem to be the most effective, despite sites created specifically for college students, such as universityloveconnection.com.

In a survey conducted by consumer-rankings.com, Match and eHarmony were ranked in the top five dating sites, with Match taking the No. 1 site.
Online dating seems to be something that is here to stay, but like real dating, its success depends on the individuals involved.

Assistant News Editor Jordyn Dahl can be reached news@collegian.com.

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