Letter to the Editor

Feb 082011
Authors: Kirk Muse

I’m writing about Jim Sojourner’s thoughtful column “Legalize meth.”

I have a simple solution that would eliminate 99 percent of the illegal methamphetamine labs. The solution is Desoxyn, the pharmaceutical form of methamphetamine legally available in local pharmacies for less than $2 per dose with a doctor’s prescription. Start selling it at local pharmacies without a prescription, with no questions asked to any adult just like we do with tobacco products.

Would we still have people addicted to methamphetamine? Yes. Would methamphetamine addicts need to rob, steal or commit acts of prostitution to obtain money to buy their methamphetamine? No. Would the methamphetamine addicts prefer to purchase pure pharmaceutical grade of methamphetamine instead of methamphetamine manufactured with batteries and fertilizer? Yes.

When they re-legalized alcohol in 1933, it was not because they decided that alcohol was not so harmful after all but rather because of the crime and corruption that alcohol prohibition caused. When they re-legalized alcohol in 1933, the illegal bathtub gin producers went out of business overnight for economic reasons, and they have stayed out of the business for economic reasons. When they re-legalized alcohol in 1933, our overall crime rate declined substantially, and our murder rate declined for 10 consecutive years.

Have we learned any lessons?

Not yet.

Kirk Muse
Resident of Mesa, Ariz

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