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In the midst of a Super Bowl I enjoyed a great deal, particularly the result, the halftime show provided a bizarre cacophony of visuals. Truth be told, I enjoyed the Black Eyed Peas musical performance far more than most of the shows since the wardrobe malfunction.

Noticeably, while performing “Where is the Love?” Will.I.Am urged the current president to “get these kids educated.”

As I fought off the urge to regurgitate the various decadent foods I consumed prior to the moment of his heartfelt and well-intentioned plea, I realized something.

The U.S. presently sits in one of the most ironic positions in the history of irony –– or positions.
Here we have a wealthy and famous 35-year-old black American male from the projects of Los Angeles pleading with a wealthy and famous 49-year-old black American male from the projects of, well, I guess we’ll just say various parts of the world and private schools.

Now, the irony here is Will.I.Am has utterly no understanding of the fact that schools have declined as a corollary of the increase of federal programs. Hence, he calls for further decline in the U.S. education system.

I believe the movie “Get Smart” said it best when discussing losing all the actors in Hollywood, “Yes, what will we do without their razor sharp political advice?”

Will, you produce some mildly entertaining music from time to time and have made yourself wealthy, either seek facts, or keep your thoughts inside your skull. In other words, you sir, are as nutty as Alaska Barbie, Sarah Palin.

I simply do not understand how the vast majority of U.S. voters fail to recognize the utter futility of the federal government to invoke positive change beyond their intended responsibilities; and even then, they have screwed you, me and future generations beyond repair.

At some point, the perception of the federal government shifted from a body acting in the collective interests of the state governments to the top echelon of government in the hierarchy of America.

An American national government to this day does not exist. To involve the federal government in anything is to ensure eventual failure. Calling for the sitting U.S. president, a man who never spent a day in the U.S. public school system, to “get these kids educated” shows a profound lack of fact-based knowledge.
What we witnessed from Will.I.Am was a failure of the public school system to educate students for the past three to eight decades on the intent and failures of the federal government.

Simply put, the public education system failed you if you have the urge to support either of the two corrupt groups of people fighting over the controls of the Hindenburg after it’s caught fire.

No Child Left Behind? Easy to ensure no child remains behind when you ensure the entire group stops moving forward. Stop teaching to erroneous government standards, and start teaching to what people need to know.
I have a suggestion, have a conversation with any one of your fellow students, count how many times you hear “like,” “you know what I mean,” “you know,” “um” and “uh.” The U.S. educational system is failing due to federal intervention, not because of a lack of intervention.

Several current trends bother me, the Ivy League, why is it “elite” when other private schools such as Notre Dame, Miami, Stanford, Southern Cal and BYU provide as excellent an educational experience –– if not better –– by not being holier-than-thou?

We need to de-politicize entertainment. Actors, actresses, TV personalities, athletes, singers and virtually every politician at the federal level have no reasonable advice to offer you unless they tell you to ignore them.

Will.I.Am, leave the federal government out of your chicanery, they ensured you received a shoddy education.

Seth Stern is a senior journalism major. His column appears Mondays in the Collegian. Letters and feedback can be sent to letters@collegian.com.

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