Feb 072011
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

To the dismay of the Collegian Editorial Board, the Huffington Post has been sold to media conglomerate and internet service provider America Online –– better known as AOL.

The Huffington Post, founded in 2005, is a progressive Internet news source developed by Arianna Huffington. The site has some of the heaviest traffic of any news site in the country.

The Huffpo is yet another example of a once valiant, independent news source being sucked into the large corporate world –– rounded of by special interests –– potentially diluting the honorable profession of journalism.

Ms. Huffington sold out. She provided a prominent, prosperous and, most importantly, profitable news outlet. While independent of corporate America, we speculate that under new acquisition the quality of news offered by Huffpo may potentially decrease.

In our experience, big online news sites provide content that caters to the largest range of readers. They focus on life-style based content, lacking in the controversial. Large websites realize most readers want their news quick and easy, not the in-depth pieces that you can find in other publications.

We feel that under the new ownership, the Huffington Post can fall into this trend as opposed to writing hard-hitting, controversial stories that attracted its current fan base. Although the Huffpo does obtain some news from other sources, in recent years it has begun hiring new reporters and writers, specializing and improving its content.

The future of journalism remains uncertain, but what is certain is that today’s news content is becoming more and more aggregate.

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