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Authors: Danielle McConnell

Every year the month of February comes around, and most do not notice it. It’s just another month of the year, full of early mornings, studying, tests and late nights.

However, for the African American community, February is a time to celebrate our amazing history and contributions that so often get overlooked. It’s also important to realize that this month is not only for black people but also an opportunity for every group of people to learn something new. It’s surprising just how much history there is yet to be exposed.

I can speak for myself and say that every year I learn something new from the programming that takes place during Black History Month.

The most interesting part about this is that the celebration of blacks started even before they were acknowledged in the history books.

Because of Dr. Carter G. Woodson, this celebration began. He started off by simply bringing to attention the fact that blacks were not written in the history books, unless it had to do with slaves.

The history goes so much deeper and stronger than that. To correct this misfortune, he put together his own association to collect African American history, and then later developed a journal of black history.

After this first move forward, it was thought that these outstanding accomplishments should be acknowledged and praised. He led the launch of a week of celebration in 1926, which later became the month-long celebration we have today.

This year I had the amazing opportunity to plan the month, in an attempt to bring that education of black history to Colorado State University. This is due to my organization Black Definition, which takes on the responsibility of bringing diversity awareness to campus. As the current president I, along with my organization, have worked very hard to pull off an interesting and entertaining month.

I hope that all students take part in this celebration because there are some amazing events happening this month. I encourage students to take a look at the Black History Month posters located all over the Lory Student Center and come to a few of the events. There is something happening almost every day of the month.

Some of the major events taking place include motivational speakers like Eric Thomas, who is known as the hip-hop preacher and will be here Feb. 15. Also Free Wright, who is a previous host of 106th and Park, will be here on the 21st. We have an amazing play coming on the 18th of February, which highlights the survivor’s story of James Cameron. These, along with several other programs, are all something to take part in.

I look forward to this month turning out to be a success and the students here at CSU truly taking the opportunity set before them to learn something new. I also hope that, with this month, students will want to learn more not only in the month of February but year-long, and about all groups of people.

Danielle McConnell is a junior communications studies major. She is the president of Black Definition. Letters and feedback can be sent to letters@collegian.com.

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