Feb 062011
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Friday afternoon the CSU community lost one of their own with the tragic passing of Eric Spry. Shock and heartbreak rang throughout Fort Collins –– a mutual grief that only begins to mirror what his friends and loved ones must feel.

Our hearts go out to them in this time of mourning. We can’t imagine the pain of losing a family member or a friend so unexpectedly, and we wish there was something we could say that would make Eric’s passing more bearable.

Our words can only go so far, though, but our thoughts and our actions as a university, as a community and as compassionate individuals can aid our neighbors in this dark time –– a time when an outreached hand means much more than a common courtesy.

Although we have this untimely loss weighing heavy on our hearts we cannot allow this pain to consume us. It is this pain which makes us human.

It is times like these when we must remember the vibrant impact Eric had on those around him. We must not dwell on our pain but on the positives of the life that he led.

In order to help us through this period the university and community offer ways in which to deal with grieving.

This help can come in the form of friends, family, professors or counselors. The CSU health network provides counseling services for students. Appointments can be made by calling 970-491-6053.

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