Packers for the Super Bowl

Feb 032011
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

The “G” on the Green Bay Packers’ helmet stands for greatness.

OK, maybe there’s no proof backing this up, but on Sunday evening the world will know what a small, concentrated group of cheeseheads in the frozen tundra of Wisconsin already knows: The Packers are the single greatest football team on the planet, nay, the universe.

What makes the Packers great?

First off, there’s their phenomenal passing and running game, as well as their rock-solid defense. And for all of the ladies out there, quarterback Aaron Rodgers looks fantastic in uniform. Another plus? He isn’t the type of guy who sends out pictures of his junk.

On top of this is the irrefutable fact that the Packers have one of the most loyal and insane fan bases in the country. No other group of fans will brave subzero temperatures and inevitable frostbite to sit on the frozen bleachers of Lambeau Field every Sunday.

No other group of fans will stay loyal even in the midst of losing seasons, heartbreaking, soul-crushing Brett Favre interceptions and being forced to drink Miller Lite at home games.

A few poor, misguided souls are probably asking, “But what about the Steelers?” We’ll take the high road and not mention your quarterback’s off-the-field antics and simply say this: The Steelers’ colors are black and gold.

Hmm … what bitter in-state rival also shares these colors?

If nothing else, a CSU student and a true Ram fan should support the Packers because, in the end, green and gold should, and will, always prevail.

Go Pack!

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