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Authors: Andrew Carrera

Say goodbye to the 1960s-style Lory Student Center and get ready for a 21st century building complete with features like an expanded food court, restored theater and refurbished Ramskeller.

Students can voice their thoughts about the upcoming renovation, which is scheduled to be finished in fall 2015, and have the chance to choose from four options, each with its own set of remodeling features and overall cost.

Approximately 300 paper ballots have been collected so far. Additional sheets are available on the upper level of the LSC in the executive director’s office.

The fees for the construction will not be assessed until the LSC remodeling is finished, so only the graduating classes that come into CSU after 2015 will have to pay for what students vote for now.

But, according to Executive Director of the LSC Mike Ellis, part of the funding for the building’s restoration has come from the LSC’s building reserve fund, a fund that all students have contributed to with their fees.

Students now may also pay for the project by putting up with the hassles of weaving in and out of areas under extensive construction.

“If we choose to move forward, there’s an inconvenience period during the renovations,” Ellis said. “Even students today are going to experience some of that inconvenience of getting the building renovated in the future.”

The center was built in 1962 and will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2012, which is also about the time when renovations will begin.

Integral to the LSC’s renovation process has been a focus on 21st century student needs.

Ellis oversaw the creation of the “master plan committee” that is comprised of student representatives from the Associated Students of CSU and the Student Affairs in Higher Education and university administrators. The group is charged with talking to other campus organizations and coming up with ideas on how to revamp the building.

The architectural firm put in charge of the project, Perkins & Will, has been hailed internationally for its expertise in designing modern student centers. The chief architects for the LSC project sit on the master plan committee and have been presenting to student organizations since mid January.

Ellis is using the anniversary date in 2012 as an opportunity to invite people back who have connections to the student center, including former students, student leaders and university employees.

“…We want to tell them about the plans for the future, and we will have opportunities for them also to contribute to the success of the future of the building,” Ellis said.
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Check out a map of the possible choices for the renovation.
Want to give input?*

Pick up a ballot on the upper level of the Lory Student Center in the executive director’s office.

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