Feb 022011
Authors: Rachel Childs

Students and teachers were rushed out of the Industrial Sciences Building at about noon on Wednesday after a fire sprinkler pipe burst, sending water gushing up to the top floor.

Poudre Fire Authority, Facilities Management and the CSU Police Department rushed to the scene shortly after the burst to help with damage control.

The frozen pipes heated up, causing a burst that poured water into offices and showered onto a second floor computer lab, according to Facilities Management Director Brian Chase.

Students were temporarily evacuated from the building, which facilitates multiple classes for construction management. They were allowed back in shortly after, and classes resumed as scheduled.

“When a pipe bursts on campus we pretty much rally most of our folks,” said Facilities Management General Professional Sandy Sheahan.

Workers removed chairs and computers from room 201, and the following class was moved to the opposite computer lab. It is unknown how many computers were damaged during the burst.

“We’ve had a few other minor things, but seeing how it’s a record cold and everything, it’s very low,” Chase said.
Accidents popped up all over campus in reaction to the record-low temperatures. A pipe burst in the Academic Village and a water backflow mechanism in the Statistics Building froze.

Both accidents are under control with minimal damage.

University insurance will cover the damage costs to the affected buildings, Sheahan said.

Facilities Management has alerted all the building proctors to take precaution by keeping an eye on outside faucets and leaving inside pipes on with a slight drip in order to prevent busting.

Cleaning in the Industrial Sciences Building took place immediately. Procedure requires several components, including environmental assessments to prevent mold and mildew.

“It’s a lot of people cleaning up water, getting the pipe repair and those types of things,” Sheahan said.

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