GOP: Drugged rape is okay

Feb 022011
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

In a move only the GOP could make, the House is trying to pass the “No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act” –– a bill that would cut off federal funding for many abortions of pregnancies created by rape by changing the definition of rape to mean only forcible rape.

This means that anyone who was drugged, a victim of statutory rape or an adult forced to commit incest is no longer able to get federal funding for an abortion. So if a 13-year-old is impregnated by a 30-year-old, as long as intercourse wasn’t “forcible,” she has to pay for the abortion out-of-pocket.

The only other abortions covered would be ones for women whose life is endangered by the pregnancy and underage victims of incest.

The Hyde Amendment, which was passed in 1976, already prevents federal taxpayer money from going toward abortions except in cases of rape and incest, but apparently that’s not enough for the GOP.

This is a bill that benefits no one except for the crazy, right-wing “deficit hawks” who –– if they had it their way –– wouldn’t allow anyone to have an abortion, no matter the situation.

In many ways, by changing the definition of rape they are condoning it.

The director of Government Relations for the National Women’s Law Center Steph Sterling said it well: “The concern here is that it takes us back to a time where just saying no was not enough,” in an interview with the Washington Post.

If the act is passed and the definition is changed, the GOP is essentially saying it’s OK to drug someone and rape them because if the victim gets pregnant, they have to pay for an abortion as well as deal with the emotional trauma of getting raped. But that’s OK because it wasn’t “forced.”

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