Feb 022011
Authors: Ian Hopkins

I can barely play “Dead Space 2” for more than 30 minutes without a quick mental break because it is just that terrifying … and I love it. It’s refreshing to play a videogame that so thoroughly scares me that I don’t want to leave the lights off, but I’m addicted to the thrill of the horror and leave them off anyways. One more personal recommendation: play the game loud, too loud –– thoroughly amazing.

The audio and visuals in “Dead Space 2” mix together flawlessly to create a wonderfully scary experience that rivals even the scariest of movies.

The flickering lights, seemingly random loud, threatening noises, and dark, demonic atmosphere to frighten even the toughest person. Or, at least it scared the crap out of me and everyone else I showed the game to.

In my defense, the atmosphere is already suspicious and scary. Plus, monsters jumping out at random and attacking definitely doesn’t help. Someday I might be able to sleep with the lights off again.

One more thing about the sound of the game: there are so many unnecessarily scary ambient noises to keep you on the edge of your seat that you will believe you might be in some danger.

The controls of “Dead Space 2” were also a strong point; however, they were a little too complicated for my tastes. Several times I would try to use telekinesis to throw a wheelchair and accidentally just drop it at the feet of a charging alien-zombie monster. Let me tell you, those monsters are even scarier when they don’t die when you think they’re going to. Other than the small complexity issue, the game handles flawlessly.

The graphics, sounds and controls all come together to build a superior survival-horror gaming experience. Words can’t adequately describe how much fun this game is. Even though it is probably too intense to play straight through without taking a break, it is well worth all the time it takes to play. The game might be due back to the video store on Friday, but I’m definitely keeping this one for another three or 10 days.

Get a hold of a copy as soon as you can because this is a whole new world. The only way this game could have been better is a cooperative experience, because I love two to four players. Plus, then the game developers could have added either more monsters or tougher monsters. Though this is definitely a small, unimportant issue for such an incredible game.

Video game reviewer Ian Hopkins can be reached at verve@collegian.com.

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