Yays and Nays

Jan 312011
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Yay |  To the informative text messages about the “non-imminent” threat to campus Monday. We’re glad to know we’re in the loop, but we needed more clear information.

Nay | To the inevitable tuition hike –– it could top almost 30 percent for some –– and possible state budget cuts to higher education. We’re tired of being the bastard children of Colorado’s budgeting system.

Yay | To Andy Ogide for being named with New Mexico’s Drew Gordon as the Mountain West Conference’s Co-Players of the Week for games through Sunday.

Nay | To the below-zero temperatures and sheets of ice that have become February’s character. What happened to the 60-degree weather on Friday? Oh that’s right, Colorado can’t make up its mind.

Yay | To Carmelo Anthony for playing against the Nets in a Nuggets uniform, for those of you who still want him around.

Nay | To global warming for diminishing one-third of Mongolia’s natural standing water and negatively impacting the work of its pastoralists, but yay to the fact that the country boasts Yak polo.

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